Thursday, September 8, 2016

Griffin Freeman in Paper Towns

I fell asleep watching a sweet coming of age flick the other night.  The movie was good, my falling asleep wasn't about plot, but rather how tired I was.  I managed to find it again, so the DVR is set to watch the last quarter.

I didn't fall asleep before seeing a hot embarrassment nudity scene featuring actor Griffin Freeman. Freeman is gorgeous and seems to have a great resume of projects under his belt.  I will looking to see what's ahead for him the future.

Griffin also has an incredible butt, on the move and on display in Paper Towns.  You can get a peak below thanks to the gif from Casperfan.  Although we only see his butt, the joke of the scene is that his naked front is photographed by Quentin (Nat Wolff) and... that if the photo got out, it wouldn't exactly be great for ole Jace (Griffin).

In addition to Griffin, and his delectable backside, the film was full of great performances from many young actors unknown to me.  I will certainly be keeping my eye on the work of Griffin and director Jake Schreider.

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