Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Tightest of the Whitest: Jesse Thommes by Alex Hilbert

It was back in 1934 when Arthur Kneibler first got the idea for the white brief. It was after seeing a post card featuring a man in a bikini-like bathing suit, the undergarment executive came up with a new design of underwear. They were called 'jockey', to highlight the support they offer and on the first day they went on sale, with the help of a brief-wearing mannequin, 600 pairs were sold in just one store in Chicago.

I am not sure ole Arthur could have imagined that 82 years later, his original design would have taken so many sexy twists and turns in design.  I can only imagine how many pairs might have been sold if, instead of that mannequin, model Jesse Thommes was sporting these teenie tiny undies in that department store display window.

Alex Hilbert always manages to create incredibly sexy and sensual images with his blend of fashion and skin.  With 20 year old Jesse, the California photographer says he was happy that Jesse was willing to slip on the tiny undies, and with the visual results they achieved.  Jesse's tiny tighty whities still offer the support Arthur originally had in mind, but as one reader on DNA said after seeing the shots, they also fully support that Jesse's got the goods!

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