Friday, September 16, 2016

Up Close & Personal: Antony J by Nick S82

In 2015, I decided to make 'behind the scenes' a regular theme on FH. Whenever I could get outtakes, or behind the scenes images of the shoots I was featuring, I tried to include them. Some photographers were incredibly supportive, often taking some shots during their shoots, specifically with FH in mind. I loved presenting BTS shots so much, I have continued the theme on a permanent basis.

In some ways, behind the scenes shots, tell the story that I try to do with the writing that I do to accompany each piece. My goal is take a peak at process, a quick glimpse behind the curtain about what goes on during the creation of a shoot. Great BTS shots tell a little bit about the feel of the set, the comfort level of the model, and the fun and and creative pieces that go into creating an image. When I saw Nick S82's recent work with Antony J, I felt Nick's images perfectly summed up why I love BTS images so much.

When I first saw Antony's work last year with Danny Barson, (Christmas Comes Early) I was like a dog with a bone. It was December, and Christmas was coming and Danny had not quite finished editing all of his images. That did not stop me from sending him, well, let's just say more than a couple of e-mails, about when they might be ready... Antony has a killer body for sure and the combination of his sweet sweet face and smile, along with that body, and his long, long penis, make for winning look in front of the camera.

Many took notice and many of my favorite photographers, Andrew Bowman, male beauty by benjie and Nick S62 quickly arranged shoots with Antony. Nick graciously shared his work with Antony which I shared with two pieces in January. (On The Couch/In-Frontal the French Doors) Nick shares that it was great shooting Antony for a second time, so much so, a third shoot is already in the mix. Although this shoot wasn't specifically a BTS theme, Nick was trying to capture more personality centered images by having Antony do what he would normally do in between set ups.

Antony always looks incredible whether he is posing, or just sitting around waiting for the next set. Like all of us, whenever there was a spare moment, it was time to pick up his phone and check on messages.  Nick really captured Antony's comfort and ease with being photographed naked, even during the preparation stages...

Yes, just like faces, all body parts need a little prep work to look great in front of the lens.  Fitness models often flex and work out in-between takes, but if your penis is also going to be front and center, it also need to be camera ready.  Even when not shooting fully erect, Antony wants to ensure he looks 'a little' excited and alert for the camera.

Although in these shots, Antony is ensuring his penis gets some love and attention, I love the personality, and some of the great facial expressions that Nick managed to capture.  I look forward to seeing what they come up with for shoot #3.

Nick S82 Bonus Shoot:  
No, it's not more Antony, for that you have to check out Nick's flickr site
But... if you want to check out Nick's images of model Akira, in a set I describe as 'first night in the dorm', be sure to check out

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