Friday, September 16, 2016

A Look Back: Caddyshack

Scott Colomby

When I was a kid, I sat through Caddyshack, more times than I wanted to.  A favorite flick of both my father, and my older brother, whenever it repeated on television, we watched...  I was never a huge fan of Chevy Chase, and except for that Oh Henry scene, never saw much about the film that appealed to me.

I recently watched the film (well some of it...) when it was repeated on the movie network.  For the first time I noticed a few things I hadn't picked up on before.  The film's only real nudity comes women, and a few flashes of breasts.  There is one scene with a guy having his bathing suit being pulled off, but the guy was oddly, wearing a jock strap under his suit.

Michael O'Keefe

The movie did however, manage to get two of the younger male cast members, down to a speedo and a pair of tighty whities.  Thankfully, they let Rodney Dangerfield keep his clothes on...

I had forgotten that the Oh Henry scene actually began with an extended scene of the ultra hot Scott Colomby strutting around in a speedo.  Colomby was hot for awhile in the 80's but never really showed much skin.  Colomby was one of the few actors in the Porky's series who managed to keep his pants during his appearances in the series first two movies.

At The Pool:

In The Bedroom:

Actor Michael O'Keefe, looking very 80's hot with his long shaggy hair, stripped down to his white briefs for a scene with actress Cindy Morgan.  Fun to watch this scene for a few reasons. Just prior to Ted Knight bursting in, O'Keefe was lying on top of bare breasted  Morgan.  Although it may have been just the undies'fabric', O'Keefe certainly seems to be sporting a woody when he gets up off of the bed.

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