Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Return to the Window: Bryson by Alex Hilbert

'Windows provide not only natural light, but a myriad of metaphors about reflection and reflecting. Looking not only out, but in. Seeing all we have, and all we long for. Looking in on others, and in the reflection, looking in on ourselves.'

I have one particular window in my house that looks out back. Because of the curves of my house, you don't get much of a broad view, but you did a long view past my barn, my back yard and the bike path and forest beyond that. What I love best about the window is the chair just in front of it. The chair is old, but the throw cover hides most of it's flaws. It's best feature is how big the seat is, big enough to curl up in and sink into with a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of wine.

Week, even months have gone by without my dropping in that chair. I don't tend to sit there much in the summer because that window holds an air conditioner from June to September. I use it most during the winter months, when it's snowing, when I'm tired, stressed or worried. I found myself in that chair for more than a few hours this week. The view didn't vary much except the leaves from the tree's seemed to be dropping more quickly as each day passed.

Given how much comfort that window brings me, I thought it a good time to return to another window that always brings me happiness and joy. The attic windows that photographer Alex Hilbert uses so beautifully in many of his shoots. I first looked in Alex's windows with Jonny in the spring, with Jalen at the end of summer. With Autumn now in full swing, I find myself back there with Alex's spectacular shots of Bryson.

Alex perfectly captured Bryson's look, face and incredible body Bryson has the beautiful eyes, sexy, sultry and intensely soulful. As he did with both Jonny and Jalen, Alex blends the beauty of the male form with pose and fashion, not to mention those windows, to create uniquely distinctive imagery. Alex always seems to capture a added layer of sensuality within his models, a layer I don't always see in their work with others. In part through his talent for sure, but maybe in part because of the natural light and visual reflection those windows provide.

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