Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Weekend in Lake Powell

First two images from Mike Tossy

'It always amazes me how fast the time flies by during our photo shoots in Utah. Perhaps it is the feeling of wanting more that creates the desire to do it again. We’ve already begun thinking about next year’s trip into the wilds of Utah!'

One of things I am most thankful for is the ability to head to Utah each year, (at least virtually) with amazing photographers and models. For the last five years, I have been lucky to be able to share images,stories, tales and adventures from the yearly photographic journey. It started with just Gordon Nebeker shooting one model, but quickly turned into three (and even 4) photographers shooting multiple models The last few years it has been three and three with Gordon along with Mike Tossy and Studio MG photography generously sharing the visual results of their time in the Beehive state.

Next two images from Studio MG Photography

I have always struggled with how to present the many images from the Utah shoot. With three photographers and three models I want to ensure each image is given it's due. To me, the mix of the male form, with the sky, mountains and natural masterpiece that is Utah create more than just great photographs. Each image that I choose is a blend of breathtaking beauty, artistry, color and naked splendor. This year I am separating the images by artist and will be featuring them over the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

'By now many of our friends have stopped asking "why Utah?" when I announce that Mike and I are returning again this year. If they've seen the past photos they know the answer. If they are photographers they ask if they can come along. Otherwise if someone does ask I tell them how the landscapes of Utah are oversized and oversaturated and around every corner there are wonderful surprises awaiting discovery. Add to that mix the great looking guys we bring along and it is a recipe for an amazing photographic adventure like no other!'

Next two images from Mike Tossy

'I anticipated enjoying the photography and the boating, but was slightly concerned about being "trapped" in the tight confines of a houseboat with 3 guys I didn't know. I shouldn't have been worried - the three models were great!'

Thanks to Gordon, Mike and Mark for sharing their images and thoughts, and to the models; Jacob, Patrick and Nathan, who you'll get to know much better over the next few days. Gordon has promised me that if I ever join them on one of their Utah adventures, he'll give me a light, a reflector or something... to hold. I'll be sure to let you know if that ever happens...

Gordon by Studio MG Photography

Image below from Gordon Nebeker

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