Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Back to Basics: Hansel Wellington by Lights on Studio

'I don't mind if everyone sees me nude, but some people aren't as appreciative of the male anatomy. Cars kept going by and I either had to pull my pants up or get out of view in a hurry...'

When I was a kid we had an annual autumn ritual of all piling in the car and heading to the country. Although I currently live in an area surrounded by fields, farms and cows, I grew up in a city and hanging around a farm was something I loved and looked forward to. The trip was always the same, fights with my brothers in the back seat, stern warnings from my mother from the front. We stopped at least once with my father telling us if we didn't stop fighting we would have to walk home.

My excitement grew the further we got from the city. The views changed from brick and glass buildings to rolling fields, barns and livestock. The day was always the same. We picked apples, stopped at farm markets for whatever was in season, hit a pumpkin field and stopped for lunch. Although we begged every year to go to a restaurant, my mom always packed sandwiches, and a warm tin of name brand pop, with a freshly picked apple for desert. One year we stopped for an ice cream on the way home which for my parents, was a big deal.

I am not sure what I would have done back then if I had come across a naked Hansel Wellington while running through a barn, but I can always fantasize... In September, when Lights On Studio's Tom Nakielski sent on images for a favorites piece, (Ray Of Light) one of the shots was a incredible image of Hansel leaning on a bale of hay. In addition of course to Hansel, there was a foreboding beauty in the shot from the light, darkness and clouds in the sky. It looked a little bit like a certain Kansas sky prior to storm and pony tailed girls trip to Oz. It also reminded me a bit of my days visiting the country and had e quickly contacting Tom and Hansel about piece.

The images seemed perfect for the holiday and given I featured a previous shoot from Tom and Hansel last Christmas, it seemed appropriate to feature their work together on Thanksgiving. This was Toms third session working with Hans and they shot at the Michigan State University Sheep Teaching and Research Center and at the rolled haystacks in a MSU cow pasture. The location get many visitors, who come out to tour the barns which both Hansel and Tom say added a bit of risk 'excitement' to the day.

'I had a great time modeling for those photos. The shoot was really fun, but definitely daring. "Technically" it was private land but next to main public roads. Cars kept going by and I either had to pull my pants up or get out of view in a hurry. The hay was fun to climb up, but you don't want it poking bare skin which I was completely bare against most of the time. I loved the whole farm theme, back to the basics of living and being sexual. Nothing is hotter then being naked in a pair of work boots on the farm. I was definitely inspired by Dean Phoenix , he had done some amazing photos on a farm. (also a porno) I have worked with Tom for several years now and I have always enjoyed the opportunity to model for him. I know the images will turn out great and I will get some classy and erotic photos. I am always up for whatever challenges he is excited to try as a photographer to get amazing photographs.'

'We took the chance that there would not be anyone there. Hansel is great to work with. He is creative and relaxed in front of the camera. Almost getting caught did get the adrenaline going... did not want to get fined for indecent exposure. After finishing shot in the barn and getting ready to leave I noticed rolls of hay in the cattle field across the road. I have always wanted to do a session in rolls of hay. Hansel was willing to go for it. The rolls of hay were more out in the open and there were cars going by the road but we were far enough away that people wouldn't see us unless they were very alert. Hansel is always willing to take a chance when we do location shoots. On several occasions on different sessions he had to quickly get dressed when we were aware of people coming. The element of getting caught always make the sessions a bit more exciting. Perhaps it is the exhibitionist element that makes the location sessions seem more dangerous.'


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Come over to my pool and skinny dip with me

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It's always nice to look at Hansel's body and penis, beautiful