Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dust Storm: Urtreen by Sergei K

'I always liked photography and I have always liked men, so it seemed like a natural solution to combine the two. I'm not quite sure what took me so long...

When I first featured the work of Sergei K last year (Undoubtedly Sexual) the Michigan based photographer shared that he had only began to focus on the form for about a year. Although Sergei took his work very seriously, he was determined to also keep having a fun, a part of the process. These images of 25 year old Urtreen seem the embodiment of Sergei's philosophy.

Visually breathtaking, Sergei beautifully captures Urtreen's desert dance. Although 6' 0", and 170 lbs of muscle, Urtreen flies through the air with both strength, as well as lightness and grace. Sergei's career as a musician is clearly also at play, directing, and conducting the music that not only flows through each of the images, but as well, supports Urtreen with soaring so high above the sand and clay below him.

'It was a lot of fun finding the location, shooting in the dust storm worrying about my camera and lenses, just hanging out with Urtreen in the desert in 115 degrees waiting for the sunset and those magical shots... Good times!'

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