Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Countdown: Lights in the Window by Richard Rothstein

'Who says you need a Christmas Tree?'

There is something I think many of us do every Christmas. Once the tree is up, we turn off the room light, turn on the tree lights, sit down and squint while looking at the Christmas tree lights. There is a magic in those lights, not matter whether just white lights, or a string of colors. The squint creates magic, a magic that only Christmas, and all that it was for us as children could inspire.

Lighting, and lights are of course central to every photo and photographer. Richard Rothstein is one of the best With Richard's images of model and personal trainer Tony Ferrari, every small Christmas tree light, accentuates every curve, muscle and body part of Tony's. Although I wouldn't normally suggest a viewer squint, while enjoying an artist's image.... if you enlarge any of the images of Richard's of Tony, and squint just a little....magic!

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