Thursday, December 29, 2016

Edging Towards Eighteen

'I'm still growing into my tongue.'
Luke Dunphy

Now that FH has reached 10, it is a bit odd to be featuring actors, that were just kids when the site was started. But... that is the case with many teen actors and idols. Many actors, I first watched as 'the son' on some sit-com, are now doing nude scenes in their movies and on their HBO shows. I know I'm not the only who noticed that Nolan Gould has gone from cute to hot. I think the producers of Modern Family have clearly noticed as well.

Over the past few years, as Nolan, and his character Luke Dunphy, have been inching towards eighteen. The show has been playing up the young actors sex appeal for awhile, even before his 18th birthday. Not only have there been more and more sexual innuendo's, said by, and about Luke, the show has been giving him more and more 'story line reasons' to get off his shirt. Well... the adorable Nolan turned 18 this last October, and Modern Family wasted virtually ZERO time finally being open about exploiting Nolan's appeal.

Nolan Gould shares some holiday shots from his trip to Bora Bora on Instagram

In the November episode The Alliance, (which I just caught up on on DVR) Luke's attributes are clearly seen by a member of the golf club he is working at. The Cougar in question has good taste, and brings Luke back to her house to do a few household chores, without a shirt, and she hopes pants as well. Luke's grandfather Jay figures out what is going on and heads over to rescue him before she manages to get Luke's blank pants down, and on the floor.

The Alliance

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