Saturday, December 24, 2016

Getting Our Christmas On! Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker

His eyes-how they twinkled! his cheek dimples how merry!

Last Christmas morning, viewers who dropped into FH were gifted with the wondrous site of Mr. Herzog on a step latter, hanging an ornament high on the tree. Gordon Nebeker snapped a few holiday shots while he and Mr. Herzog were shooting earlier in December just in time to help FH celebrate the holiday.

Gordon is one of the kindest, and most generous of souls, and always supportive with a request or support for the site. So.... when he told me he was heading down to Florida for Christmas, and meeting again with Mr. Herzog along the way... I had to ask! Now I think I may have been pushing it to ask Gordon to stick that step latter in his trunk, but Gordon was fully aware of my love of both Mr. Herzog, and his penchant for decorating tree's while completely naked. The problem this year.... the Christmas tree was not in a toasty and comfortably heated living room.

'The forest we were in was 95% deciduous trees with their leaves now all over the ground. Finding a pine or fir tree was a more difficult task than I thought it would be, but 3/4’s into our shoot we found a small grove of young pine trees and that is where we got our “Christmas” on. It was a bright sunny day but the temperature was 43 degrees and there was a “high wind advisory” posted at the entrance to the forest and they were not kidding! The combination of strong wind gusts and low temps was almost too much, even for the Marine!'

'If you look close up and carefully, you can see the goose bumps on his legs in some of these photos. In total, I was only able to get about half the number of photos on this outing than I normally take but it was, as always, a fun and rewarding shoot. Mr. Herzog was flattered to be requested for a Christmas edition of Favorite Hunks for a second year!'

Special thanks to Gordon Nebeker and Mr. Herzog for baring the cold and wind to give everyone checking into FH this Christmas morning a surprise in their stocking. Check out all of Gordon's work with Mr. Herzog on FH HERE:

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