Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Treasure Island: Link by Gemini Men

A Little Guilty Pleasure...

Mark's tag line for Gemini Men is 'a little guilty pleasure'. As you can plainly see though, there are is nothing little about Link, nor anything to feel guilty about while enjoying Mark's sexy captures of him.  With Link hailing from Treasure Island Florida, and given the tropical island feel of the shoot, we all know exactly the treasure....we would be seeking.

Gemini Men has been around for about ten years, and Mark does a great job at finding naturally sexy men to feature. 22 year Link has a great look, weaving an edgy ruggedness along with his beautifully sweet and thoughtful blue eyes. There's also a wee bit of a young Brad Pitt. You can see check out much more of Link on Mark' site HERE:

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