Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Captain Caveman

In the pilot for The Big Bang Theory, part of the plot centers around Penny's ex-boyfriend Kurt, and a television that Leonard and Shelton attempt to retrieve for her. Kurt, was played by actor and physical trainer Brian Patrick Wade. Although Kurt's shirt remained on in the pilot, it came off in episode 6, allowing us all to understand Penny's attraction.

Over the holidays, one of the comedy channels had a Big Bang Theory marathon for 4 days over Christmas. Although I wasn't home much to watch, I did DVD episode six, The Middle Earth Paradigm. I had seen the episode before, but was looking to see it again in order to cap Patrick Wade in his very skimpy and hot caveman wrap.

The actor's work as a physical trainer was clearly part of the casting process as Kurt's caveman could have almost anyone hunting, then conducting a little gathering in the fur tightly wrapped around his rock hard abs.

The Middle Earth Paradigm (2007)

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