Monday, January 9, 2017

Favorite Import or the Week: Jürgen Drews

I had never heard of German singer and entertainer Jürgen Drews until this week, but after a poster on DC recently posted a few caps, I had to find out more. I have a thing for tall lanky 70's rockers, especially with long jet black hair. The fact that Jürgen was walking around naked in the caps didn't hurt either...

Jürgen came to fame in the 70s as member of the pop group Les Humphries Singers. During this time he launched a successful solo career and even today, in his 70's, he hits the stages around Germany, touring for much of the year. Drews also did a bit of acting, on television and a few films. A couple of those films were of the 70's soft porn variety, meaning you had a pretty good chance of seeing a little male nudity in addition to all the female nakedness. One of those films was 1972's Die Anhalterin, and it's DVD release sparked the post that had me searching for more.

Recent shot of Jürgen on stage

Die Anhalterin (1972)

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