Monday, January 2, 2017

The Journey: Ash Marquez by Mark Leighton

'Mark's images are ones of beauty and art. Working with Mark it really makes the model feel comfortable and he really does take alot of time to consider the look and assists in the styling and concepts before and during a shoot. His images are very empowering and portray many emotions and this is because he as a photographer is such a friendly and charismatic character that he is able to get each model to perform at their very best.'

When I posted just before Christmas about Mark Leighton's first book, Nothing To Hide, my final sentence teased that a second book was in the works. The focus of Mark's second book is a favorite of mine, Ash Marquez. I love Ash's look, and the energy, fun and athleticism he brings to his work, especially when captured by Mark Leighton.

The Algarve based photographer wasted no time with creating his second book, something I am sure was motivated by the amazing images that the book includes. Mark's book featuring Ash was just released on Blurb in both a hardcover print edition, as well as e-book downloadable version. The Journey: Sensual nude photos of Ash Marquez, includes close to 100 images, including full nudes, of the beautiful blonde Ash.


Seaweed said...

That last image of Ash almost jumps off the page... so very striking to me. An amazing image, just WoW !

TyeBriggs said...

It is incredible isn't it!