Friday, January 20, 2017

Update: Artist's Who Inspire

Image by msbimages

When FH began, I first listed all the contributors on the side of the site. At the time, I never imagined I would still be working on the FH ten years later and collaborated on stories with hundreds of photographers. I changed my link category title to 'recent contributes' and started Artist's Who Inspire to ensure all of the artists who have appeared on the site were credited. Unfortunately, I have been neglectful in updating the list. When I went to update today, there were almost a year of new photographers I had not added. This is, my most current list as of January 2017. The list contains artists who contributed to full features. I could not possibly add all of the artists who contributed single images, or images sent on by models for pieces for the site. I also removed a few photographers who have not responded to my last attempts at correspondence. I am grateful for their contributions, but can only assume they are not interested in working together on new stories. If you're missing, please shoot me an e-mail, it was a complicated, but worthwhile project updating. I hope to update more frequently, my goal is monthly, but I may need some reminders!

Joshua by Stephen Kahrs

AANE Photography***Alexander Chernenko***Alexander Kargaltsev***Alexandre Rios***alfenphotography***Andy Hurvitz***AJL Photo***Alan Armijo***Allan Spiers***Alex Photopaint***Angus Malcolm***Anthony Timiraos***Arteo Photo Kevin Moore***ArtPoleph***Ashland Thomas******Baker & Adams***Bad Behaviour Boys***BAD JOHNPAUL***Ben Octavius***Bill Donlon***Bill McClaren***Birds Eye Studios***BJ Nash***Bob Burkhardt***Bobby Shahideh***BPeterson Photos***Brett Kiellerop***Brenton Parry***Brian Gorman***Brian Jones***Bryan Nevin Media***BRYAN RAsHAUN***Bruce Denny***Bryant Criminger***Byron Motley

Bond & Alex by New Manhattan Studios

Cadeography***Carl Proctor***Carlos Miranda Photography***Carolina Freelance***Charles Archer***Chris Teel***Chris A Freeman***Christopher Photography***Christopher Singleton***Cibo Photography***ClareVoyance Photogrphy***Claus Pelz***Clean Slate***ClearEye LLC***Clyph Jean-Philippe***Cooks Photography***Cruz Visionnaire***Dahlensjö Photography***Dale Pierce Photography***Damien Manspeaker***Danny Barson***Dan Skinner***Daniel Allen***Dark Shadow Sydney***Dave Koster***David Arnot***David Vance***DAVISICON***Dennis Nauert***DejaView Photography***Digital Pixel Studios***Diver Photography

Curtis by Jamtron Studios

Dominick Avellino Studio***Donald Chambers***DLJ Photography***Doppel-V***Drew Kamp***Doug Vetter***Dusti Cunningham***EButterfield***eMCi photo***Erick Herfs***Fabien Lemaire***FIBK***Fit Aussie Guys***flondo***FlyFoto***Fineexposure***Firebird Photography***Fotoreblelxt***Fotowerk_Z***Frank Bell****Fred Sugar***Gemini Men***gentlemenOnly***GD Photowerks***GLiMPSe visual

Austin by Gordon Nebeker

Gordon Nebeker***Gray Ions***Green Carnation***Greg Lindeblom***Greg Tsontakis-Mally***Gruenholtz***H2H-images***Hans Fahrmeyer***Indulis***Ian Burgess***IMAGENTS***Images Male***IMWPhotography***Jackson Photograpfix***James R Cunningham***James Spada***Jamtron Studio***Jay Plogman***Jay Rickard***JayBee Photography***JBDI Photography***JDT Photgraphy***JeffsPOV***JGH Photography***Jim Wilkinson***Jimmy Walsh

Vlad by Robert Colgan 

Joe Mazza***John Fallon***John M Clum***Jon Eland***Jpics***Josh Camero***Joshua Gagnon***JR Williams***JrChristiansenStudio***JDT Photography***jtoPHOTO***Julian Vankim***Karl Royce***Kevin Kurbs***Karl Smet***Keith Ingram***Kim Hanson***Klinikel***Kirill KAZAKOV***Krunnch Photo***Kurt R. Brown***Leigh Carter***Lewis and Marshall***Lights on Studio***Lime Street***lionart609

Benjamin by Studio MG Photography

Zach by NICKET

Tommy by Chris A Freeman

Gabriel by Mike Tossy

Henry by Mark Leighton

Gabe by Richard Rothstein

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