Thursday, February 2, 2017


If you have any experience flipping through old issues of Playgirl Magazine, you more than likely remember the Myette's. The image below of Scott, his dad Rob and grandfather Stan is a pretty memorable image, whether you think it erotic and hot, or just a wee bit creepy. I didn't know until researching the spread that two of them, Father and Son, actually appeared a year earlier in 1983. In the first shoot, (image above) father and son were only photographed together fully clothed, the nude shots were all individual images. Maybe a wise choice.

Stan joined the duo for a second shoot the following year, this time, all appeared naked both individually, and in shots together. Scott is certainly a cutie, but there is something a bit strange about ,(a) posing naked with your dad and grandfather, and (b) that your grandmother was pleased... very pleased at your naked images. If you want to check out the images from both shoots, head on over to THE OVER-FLOW:

'When Dottie Myette Kwiat beheld the spread we did in March 1983 of her son and grandson, she was pleased, very pleased. The family lines were displayed to perfection, and she was justifiably proud. Then... we found out Dottie had yet another man in her life, her husband Stan.'
Playgirl, May 1984


realist said...

I think the grandson may be adopted.

larryK said...

The young guy's penis is so much bigger--Do you think a guy's penis sort of shrinks with age?