Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hot Rod

Over the last 10 years working on FH, I have come across many images of model Rod Bauer. In most of those images he was wearing either a posing pouch, or nothing at all. It was the images just below however, of Rod and rod stuffed it a tight pair of yellow and blue polka dotted shorts, that had me realizing, it was time for a post.

Given it was the 60's, Rod was officially called a 'bodybuilder', but often forgot his gym clothes at home when shooting with Champion Studio photographer Walter Kundzicz. But, in a obvious way to 'keep the theme' going, Rod's images often included lots of flexing and wrestling, even when posing with other 60's body builders.

Rod with Scott Manley

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New Manhattan Studios said...

Thanks for sharing these old treasures. They were among the first erotic images I can remember seeing. They still have power.