Sunday, February 26, 2017

Instagrams that Inspire

Many of you know the mega hot Austin Armacost from his time on The A-List: New York and Celebrity Big Brother. I have not seen any of those shows, but I have known Austin, and the sexy red heart shaped tattoo by his pubes for awhile.

Recently one of Austin's female friends too some shots of him in the shower, and put the glorious results on Instagram. Those shots had me scrolling through ore of his images. Austin, who removed his pants plenty of times on Big Brother, thankfully he has continued the trend. As I enjoyed my time scrolling down Austin's Instagram, there again was that red heart. I didn't connect until I saw it, that the tattoo also inspired a previous post on Austin, before reality TV, when he was modeling.

Low and behold, I searched my own blog to find a piece from 2009 featuring Austin that was inspired by his tattoo. (Favorite Hunk of the Day). Austin looks a bit younger there, but he has not lost any of his appeal.

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