Saturday, March 18, 2017

The First Cut is the Deepest

I didn't watch any version Big Brother over the last year or so. I skipped the last US version, last years Canadian edition, and I haven't had time to watch a UK or Australian version in years. I used to love the show, but my time, and enthusiasm became depleted. I decided to watch the premiere of Big Brother Canada 5, which began this past year. (US fans can download or try it on Roku)

I decided to check it out, not because of the lame science fiction, we're in a space ship theme, but because half of the house guests were some old favorites, including my BBCan3 crush Kevin. (See my previous posts on Kevin HERE:) I also love Neda and Ika who they also brought back. So far I am enjoying it, Kevin is laying fairly low (as were his wet undies in the first HOH).

The cutest new house guest was (yes... was) Mark. Bartender (and would be model) Mark Chrysler was a surprising guy to get the boot first for a number of reasons. Big Brother is known for it's manipulation of the game and usually they keep the eye candy around for awhile. Mark also seemed like a nice guy, and someone that could have been fun to watch. I don't usually like those 'bring back a house guest twists' but if might mean a shirtless Mark comes back, bring it on!

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