Sunday, April 30, 2017

Joe Dallesandro in Je t'aime moi non plus

In my attempt to find movies, and share images that I haven't seen before, I went digging into the Joe Dallesandro archives. I have seen, and posted about his Warhol films, but until the other night I had not seen Joe in 1976's Je t'aime moi non plus. (I Love You, I Don't) I haven't seen any of Joe's films in awhile, but right now, this movie, from French writer and director Serge Gainsbourg, might be one of my favorites.

I was immediately drawn in to Gainsbourg's story of two truckers who happen upon a rundown and pretty desolate truck stop. The two truckers are Krassky (Dallesandro) and his lover Padovan, played by Hugues Quester. Krassky, a little tired of Padovan's neediness, finds himself drawn to the beautiful, but almost androgynous Johnny. (Jane Birkin) Krassky is torn, but drawn to Johnny and much of the middle of the film is the two of them attempting to have sex. Problem is, Krassky is only comfortable with anal sex which proves both painful and loud.

Above: Joe by Jack Mitchell

After trying in a few places, they end up out in the middle of nowhere and finally succeed having sex in the back of the truck. Of course the course of true lust never runs easy and the triangle has a rather satisfying, but dark and abrupt ending. Dallesandro is captivating as usual, and I was hoping for more close ups of his beautiful eyes and face.

Director Serge Gainsbourg was seeing actress Jane Birkin at the time of filming so there are plenty of lingering shots of her naked body, especially her curvy backside. Gainsbourg does however give us a fair about of Dallesandro's beautiful butt as well, especially in the inner tube scene that I capped below. There is just one brief frontal when the pair comes out of the water, but I found myself so into the story, I wasn't bothered there were not more. There was plenty of Joe, and a very quick frontal from Hugues Quester as well.

Guy Walks into a Truck stop

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