Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kevin Bernhardt in Le Feu sous la peau

Last year, one of my favorite actor pieces focused on actor Kevin Bernhardt and his role in 1993's Treacherous. (Rare Rear Frontal) I thought Kevin's nude scene was incredibly hot, and fairly unique given his 'frontal' was seen through his legs from the rear.

When I was doing Kevin's birthday post earlier this month, I linked back that piece and reread a comment from a FH reader. The poster asked about the film Fire Under The Skin, a flick I had not seen, until last week. The 1985 flick was Kevin's first film, but it was difficult to find out much about. Fortunately, searching under it's French and Italian translation took me to a few more images and info about the film.

The French DVD left the T off the end of Kevin's name.

Kevin's character Raphael is certainly busy in the soft core flick. While visiting a friend in America, he seduces pretty much an entire family. Although most were women, Raphael found time to give daddy a little time and attention as well. In the most memorable scene, Dad has Raphael try one a few pairs of his large collection of underwear and speedos, getting a good rear view from the bedroom mirror.

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KLR said...

That was amazing.
Do you have any other clips or caps from this?