Friday, April 28, 2017

Lajos Balázsovits in Vizi Privati, Pubbliche Virtù

'Crown Prince Rudolf spends his days wastefully indulging in his most base desires on his sprawling lush estate, filled with young nubile and nude women and a plethora of randy, nude men.'

Sounds like a good pitch for a movie to me! Especially when the Crown Prince is played by the delicious Hungarian actor Lajos Balázsovits. The clip that added below is just the first few minutes of the movie which begins with a naked Rudolf waking from a nap, taking a dip and playing and kissing pretty much everyone he encounters, including his nanny.

Although 1976's Vizi Privati, Pubbliche Virtù (Private Vices, Public Pleasures) is about Rudolf, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, trying cut free, and stay free from Rudolf's father, it boils down to pretty much an hour and of half of naked bodies dancing, playing and having sex. Lajos is naked for much of the movie, and when he's dressed, there is usually someone naked around him.

After re-watching Fanny Hill for a post I did a week or so ago, I was anxious to find another sexy period piece. Private Vices, Public Pleasures certainly fit the bill! Unlike many soft core films of the time, the male naked body is given as much attention, or more as the female body. So much so in fact, that the female lead, and the object of Rudolf's attention, the beautiful, Mary Vetsera (Teresa Ann Savoy) is a hermaphrodite, something that doesn't seem to faze the Crown Prince even for a second.

The film has it's share of drama, but for the most part is is almost a musical. Men an women dancing and skipping around naked enjoying the day, the music and each other. Lajos is captivating as the Prince, slim, but open to sharing his body with pretty much everyone he encounters. The actor worked sporadically through the seventies, but his roles began to decrease and now 70, seems to have retired with his last credit in 2010.

Rudolf's Nanny

In addition to the clip I posted below, you can see an uncensored trailer, giving a good feel of the film on Vimeo HERE:

If you want to download the HD clip of this scene (the films first few minutes) I uploaded it to Spendspace HERE:

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