Monday, May 15, 2017


Some of you, if you'be been search the net for FaVorite Hunks for while, recognize the model, and images in this post. This shoot in fact, was one of the first shoots that I saved and that inspired me to start my old FH group and eventually this site. I believe it came from old site called Boystation that no longer seems to be active. I loved the models look, his hair, his body and how the photographer so beautifully captured him. I especially loved the beach shots.

I did a small post featuring the few images I had back in 2008. The other day, I came upon a site which featured not all, but many more images from both the studio and beach sets. For those who remember the shoot, or those who are just discovering, check out the old post HERE: I updated the post with close to 20 larger images than were there in the original version.

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