Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blast from the Past: Tim Van Patten

Sometimes the men I feature in Blast from the Past are actors who I noticed, watched or were a part of my childhood. Others appear without planning, when I see an image or project that triggers a memory. That is the case with Tim (Timothy Van Patten). While looking for images for another piece, an image of Tim popped up in my google search. It was the incredibly hot shot of Tim, shirtless, with a jean jacket on his shoulder at the end of this piece.

The image, in addition to Tim's hot stomach and chest, reminded me of the Van Patten family. I initially thought Tim was one of Dick's sons, but quickly learned he is actually Dick's younger half-brother, with over 30 years separating the two. Although Tim has that distinct Van Patten face, I remember him mostly from pictures and although am familiar with the old Ken Howard show, The White Shadow, I never saw it, and am pretty sure I haven't seen any other of Tim's acting appearances either.

I do know Tim's work as a director as he moved to the other side of the camera in th 90's and has directed some of my favorite shows including; Now and Again, Sex and the City, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. Tim has also written and directed multiple episodes of The Sopranos. Tim's directing has led to 10 prime time Emmy nominations with a win for Boardwalk Empire's 2011 episode, To The Lost.

Tim as 'Salami' in The White Shadow

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Mark Gaulding said...

He has a gorgeous chest and treasure. A blast from the past! This was really hot. Mark at The Treasure Trail