Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Alain Patrick in Blue Money

'Yearning to make real films in early 1970s Hollywood, California, 25-year-old French-Canadian Jim DeSalle gets caught up in the adult film industry, trying to support himself and his wife Lisa, with their Baby. They seem to have the perfect life, but it all falls apart.'

Last week, I profiled actor Alain Patrick and his turn in the brilliantly titled, Thar She Blows. (HERE:) When researching Alain, I discovered that he acted, produced and directed a film titled Blue Money about the porn industry in the 70's. I wrote that if there were any noteworthy scenes with Alain, I would be sure to do a follow-up.

I didn't let the dust settle before ordering the flick off Amazon. There is something about Alain I find incredibly sexy. I was especially drawn to his incredibly hot tan lines, visible in many scenes in Blue Money. Aside from the blonde hair, Alain maintains the hot appeal he exuded as the deck hand in Blows. His character doesn't act in, but directs porn, but there is still a bit of self directed skin from Alain. A few butt and side flashes and he is shirtless in almost half of the scenes.

There are some quick male frontals, from the male male extras's he is directing in the adult films. Although the focus is certainly on the women, Alain ensure most of the actors he is filming get a quick frontal and some butt exposure. There is also a orgy scene near the end of the film which is sort of seventies explicit. I have uploaded Alain's shower scene and the orgy scene on SendSpace HERE: & HERE:

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