Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Room to Room: Brian by Richard Rothstein

'An empty apartment is full of possibilities and impossibilities. Answers and questions. Fantasies and adventures...'

'I also find an empty space, especially an empty apartment to be intensely erotic. I'm not sure I can tell you why. But one can imagine anything in a blank space, even a naked sexually aroused man defying gravity.'

'In a land of of pure imagination, gravity means nothing. The white wall is a virgin, yearning to be imagined and filled with a life being lived. The man in the space is anything and anyone you want him to be, a welcome visitor or a dangerous intruder. When you walk into an empty space, it’s hard not to wonder what stories the walls could tell. Spirits. Ghosts. The occasional satyr—at least in my fantasy world. I give you the man and the empty space, the rest is up to your imagination.'

I think Richard tapped into why I too love images with of the male form in empty spaces. Sometimes, like with Brian, they're spaces ready to be inhabited, other times, they were long ago abandoned. Theses spaces, are usually initially, devoid of memory. The model is usually experiencing the space for the first time, seeing and feeling each room with an exciting freshness. It can visually interesting to see a model utilize and play in a space without obstacles or furniture to lean and rely on.

Of course this memory voidness can only occur one time. There can only be one time to discover a new space. Also the area may lack memories from the model, the air is heavy with the memories of those who previously lived, and passed through the space. I think the combination of the model being light on memory, and the space being heavy with them creates the just the right atmosphere for Richard's gravity defying shots of Brian.

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