Saturday, June 10, 2017

Andrew Stevens: The Soft 90's

Throughout the 90's, Andrew Stevens in about half a dozen soft core flicks, several co-starring with the queen of the genre, Shannon Tweed. Andrew had sex scenes in them all, although just side and butt shots, Stevens kept little Andrew a mystery. Although he showed skin in them all, I think the three flicks below gave us the best views of Stevens Skin.

Illicit Dreams (1994)

Night Eyes 3 (1993)

Night Eyes (1990)

Below: Stevens with Tanya Roberts
You can download a longer version of this scene from SendSpace HERE:

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petercox97 said...

well, i'll be damned. in one of those pics of stevens, who should he be sitting next to but steve bond aka jimmy lee holt aka one of playgirl's best models from the 70s. there was definitely an adult film career in bond's future, but i guess he wanted to stay in the hollywood mainstream such as it was for him beyond general hospital.