Friday, June 2, 2017

EmbarrassMENt: Jim Harris in Squeeze Play

'Every weekend, a team of young men leaves their girlfriends and wives to play softball for their Team Beavers. The girls feel left out and wants the guys to grow up and spend more time focusing on them instead. The guys ignore their repeated requests, so the girls figure out a plan to get back at them. They start their own all-female team called Team Beaverettes and challenge the guys to a final battle of the sexes in the lovely game of softball.'

Heading back to the 70's and 80's has led to many great discoveries of male nudity in cinema. Not all of the films were lauded with critical acclaim, but most of the movies I have checked out have a memorable scene or two. That is the case with Squeeze Play, a 1979 comedy with a feminist twist. I always love a good embarrassment scene and there is a cute one featured actor Jim Harris. Samantha (Jennifer Hetrick) is none to happy with how Wes (Harris) and his team are treating the women on her baseball team. Her revenge is rather innocent, and Wes doesn't seem to mind all that much...

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