Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Touch of Drama: Richard by Anthony Timiraos

'I try to capture the emotion I experience when photographing models or scenes in hopes that when someone sees the photograph, they feel the same emotion.'

When I first saw the work of Fort Lauderdale photographer Anthony Timiraos it was his dramatic dark backdrops and beautiful lighting that first had me drawn to his images. Of course the focus of that light, the incredible models, and the creative poses Anthony captures, also played a role in my desire to see more of his work. I had the chance to share a few of Anthony's images earlier this month when I profiled model Frank Campisano, (I can, So I do) and working on that piece only increased my desire to feature more of Anthony's work.

I often call working on FH my 'creative escape'.  Anthony used the same two words to describe his photography.  Escapes tend to be more dramatic, more erotic, and more intense than the sometimes drudgery of consistency that our daily lives can often be. This why so many people, especially artists, create more colorful and compelling visuals when life's boundaries and restrictions are removed. For Anthony, this means having the ability to concentrate on his subject and explore options and angles without any creative limitations.

Having spent years as a certified public accountant in Hartford and Boston and a financial officer for a market research company in New York, creative escapism was a must. Anthony retired briefly, but soon found himself starting another venture, opening a 250 seat restaurant and catering company with his husband. After a few years at the restaurant, Anthony tried retiring again, this time, including a step many retiree's take, moving to Florida.

Even with the warmer weather and beaches, retirement was still not in the cards. Anthony continued to work, including serving as the chief executive officer and president of a foundation serving the LBGT community. Anthony's passion for photography began in college,  but with the stress and hours required to maintain career, it was often difficult to find the time to shoot.  Now, with a lighter schedule, and time to focus on his passion, you can literally feel the pulse and explosion of creative energy when Anthony is shooting, and able to focus solely on his subject and images.

A 'touch of drama' is exactly what Anthony had in mind when planning his shoot with the strikingly elegant and incredibly sexy Richard. 'Classical nude poses with personality and a touch of drama.' was the creative description Anthony e-mailed Richard a few days before their scheduled shoot.. Anthony says that Richard beautifully hit each of their target goals immediately with very little direction. Anthony also shares that Richard is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, actor and model and I love how pieces of his acting, and his music, the mandolin, were incorporated into the shoot.

'Photographing Richard was a great experience for me. Now living in New York City, Richard is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, actor and model. Introduced to me by a previous model, Initially, I was a bit surprised when he showed up at the studio with his hair in pig tales. He assured me that the pig tales were only a way to make his hair wavy for the shoot. As soon as the hair was loose, the personality came through. The expressions on his face were very genuine and dramatic – working with him was a photographer’s dream. He is truly a collaborator.'

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