Thursday, July 13, 2017

Watch your back Andy...

Many of have been enjoying the Anderson Cooper's vacation pic's, many of which include his friend Andy Cohen. I couldn't help thinking that Andy should watch his back. As FH readers know, I was a bit election obsessed, and even started 'Caucus' focusing on those oh so few political hunks. I watched a lot of CNN and a lot of AC360 and the more I watched, the more I saw how 'moody' Cooper could be. We all have bad days, but Cooper often appeared irritated, cutting others off, scoffing and rolling his eyes at guests. Although the eye rolls may be cute, and may be warranted, they aren't especially professional. I also found Cooper less respectful when cutting off female pundits over their male counter parts who weren't so easily silenced.

But... I stuck with Cooper, the silver fox has redeeming qualities, and I didn't forget how incredible his previous coverage as a reporter was, especially his outstanding work during Katrina and the Pulse nightclub shooting. My respect for him took a nose dive at how swiftly he turned on 'bestie' Kathy Griffin after her Trump video. I don't blame CNN for firing her, although it was a bit rich given they hired Corey Lewandowski and have made millions off Trump, his cruelty and calls for violence. Tuesday night however, I reached my Cooper limit when he unnecessarily chose to call Donna Brazile 'sleazy'.

I don't know what Brazile did. I mean I read the reports, both CNN's and her's, but given the details were from illegally hacked Russian e-mails, the truth is not crystal clear. From what I read, her actions were unprofessional, even unethical, but like Cooper, I have enjoyed Brazile for years, enjoying her dignified and respectful commentary on many election nights. I also follow her on Twitter and see the great work she does with many organizations and charity's. I don't know her, but I knew enough to know that even if she 'fucked up', she has made contributions to society and the lives of others that curbed my need to judge too harshly. Too bad Cooper could not have been so generous. I don't know if he and Brazile were close, or even friends, but they worked together for years, sharing many important political events together on air. He need to call her 'sleazy' on air, even if he felt it, displayed to me so much not about her, but about him. This, on top of his back hand to Griffin has me no longer having any desire to hang with Mr. Cooper. I am trying to watch less 'news' these days anyway, and have been finding myself gravitating to MSNBC when I do want news. They are Trump obsessed as well, but seem to have a bit more of handle on it than CNN's blatant and blind lust for all things Trump related. Sooo.. I'd advise Andy Cohen, who supported Brazile on Twitte, to be careful and not to make any big mistakes. Sometimes friends, even vacation friends, can turn both quickly, and publicly.

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