Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Entry Point

We all watch diving comps for different reasons. The sport and aestheticism, the beauty and precision of a perfect dive, the speedo bulges and hope of butt crack as divers resurface and get out of the pool. Thankfully many swimmers slip off their speedos, letting us in on what's lies beneath the nylon and spandex.

Jack with Chris Mears

Tom Daley tends to get most of the attention, but there are many other divers who deserve the spotlight. Diver Jack Laugher has shown his tight divers butt a few times, most notably in 2013 spread in GT. (Gay TimesG) Nothing could prepare us however, for the image he posted on his Instagram last week that was instantly spread all over the net.

Tom Daley and James Denny

The shot included Jack, along with fellow British divers, and friends, Ben Sambrook, Dan Goodfellow, Will Hallam and James Denny. I thought I would put the speedos back on our divers as a bit of a introduction the Pièce De Résistance image at the bottom.

Ben Sambrook

Jack Laugher

Dan Goodfellow

William Hallam

James Denny

Denny with Daley

(l-r) Ben Sambrook, Jack Laugher, Dan Goodfellow, Will Hallam and James Denny

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