Friday, October 27, 2017

Horror Hunks: Jeff East in The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse

The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse has all the marking of a great cap horror movie. First up, a great title which conjures up visions of hot co-eds being slashed and diced wearing little to no clothing. Second, it was made in 1977, a great time and decade for campy horror films. Third, it featured ex Disney actor Jeff East, now an adult, and able to run around for much of the first quarter of the film in a jock strap.

East (r) with Johnny Whitaker in Tom Sawyer (1973)

Well, Jeff does spend quite a bit of the first quarter in a jock strap, and the movie certainly has the feel of the 70's. Problem is, it's not really a horror film. Yes, someone does die. East's jock strap running mate, played by actor Charles Martin Smith does breath his last breath, but it occurs while he is running in the woods during a hazing incident, but it's an accident, not axe, no chainsaw, not even a drop of blood.

The 'curious case' then becomes the attempt to pretend he is still alive by freezing his body and trying to fake that he's still attending classes at the university. The Hazing, the movie's actual original title, but must clearly didn't do much to sell the film. Hence the change of title for future releases.

As you can see by the two different movie posters, the name wasn't the only thing changed. The artwork is made to look more like a horror filmed, and sexed up to include a skimpy undie wearing hunk (who looks very little like East...) running for his life.

East many not look like the hunk running on the box, but he is still pretty delicious. With his boyish grin and blonde curly locks, East is adorable.. Although I am sure the hottie hunk drawn in the artwork would have had a fine looking ass, East's meaty backside looked just fine running around looking for help for his friend.

I couldn't find a great copy to download or purchase, but, there is an Italian version of the entire film, The Hazing: Asesinato En El Campus on Youtube (HERE:) if you want to check it out.

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