Thursday, December 7, 2017

Santa's 'little' Helper: Nick by Richard Rothstein

Naughty is the new nice!

To celebrate his first Holiday in his new apartment, Richard Rothstein called upon Nick, one FH's favorite elves, to help with decking the halls, trimming the tree, not to mention the spreading of the spirit. The last time we saw our sexy North Pole dweller was last month when he and his buddy John were spreading joy to many weary travelers on the New York Subway. (Edge of the Platform)

Of course this being Richard, there is no need for elves to bother with wearing their elf boots, green suit and hat. Richard keeps his wintertime lair toasty warm, so even the Christmas sweaters end up quickly on the floor. Nick looks particularly festively fetching in his red and white flannel onesie, but like the holiday sweaters, it didn't stay on too long. After decking all those halls, Nick needed a rest, but for that, you'll have to wait until a little closer to Christmas.

I have often associated Richard's work with spring and summer, but as I was starting this piece, I was reminded that Richard's work has helped FH celebrate not only Christmas, but also many winter snow days over the last few years. From NY's Back Door Santa, to Tony's holiday sweater through Chris Bell's blizzardly ballet. You can check out all of Richard's work on FH, including his holiday themed shoots HERE:

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