Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Practical Spontaneity: Jack by rmark_photography

'Jack's spontaneity combined with my practicality to produce our best results.'

FH started off 2018 featuring the work of The Richard from Third Eye and his work with Donovan. (A Stroke of Fortune) While working on the piece, I was drawn to some images in Donovan's portfolio from rmark_photography, images that appeared to have been taken in same studio and space that Richard utilizes. When I asked Richard about the images, he shared that Roger (rmark) had been in Ohio over the holidays and had photographed Donovan along with him during the shoot.

Richard enthusiastically encouraged me to get in touch with Roger calling him a tremendous artist and teacher and one who manages to find many interesting models to work with. I immediately headed to Roger's ModelMayhem page and although there were many incredible shots and models, I was drawn to one image in particular. The image, the last one in this piece, was of Jack, sitting and looking out the window. I loved the pose and feel of the shot and the light from the window streaming in over Jack's body and skin.

Roger describes his process as methodical and deliberate, and Jack's as more energetic and spontaneous. Roger describes the first few images that they created as just 'ok'. It took a few shots, and a few minutes to blend their two different working styles, but once they achieved a rhythm, Jack became more animated with his posing more natural and playful. Originally Jack had wanted Roger to shoot him cutting the grass, but Roger wanted to go a bit beyond just the mowing and added some digging and gardening and some other yard work into the mix. Inevitably when gardening, the plants will also need to be watered... cue the hose.

'After taking the photographs of Jack mowing the lawn in his jock, I asked him to hold his hand out as he would if it felt like it was going to rain. This was my favorite photograph of him with the mower. Jack then mentioned the idea of using the water-hose to wash off and I suggested a spot in his yard that would show that off with the light at that hour.'

There is nothing better after mowing the lawn than a tall cold beer so after shooting on the back lawn, Roger and Jack headed to the porch to capture the shot above. Roger arranged things on the porch including the placement of his shoes and pants to create the feeling that they were spontaneously removed to cool down Jack's sweaty body after all of his hard work. At the point in the day, Roger noticed the light from the window was becoming soft and quiet and suggested they move inside to capture this fleeting moment of light. Roger says their initially opposing work styles led to a dynamic collaboration resulting in fun and playful shots in the backyard, and the sensuous shot by the bedroom window representing the best of both Jack's work as a model, and his as a photographer.

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