Thursday, March 15, 2018

When George Met George

Both the handsome man in the image above and the blue eyed beauty in the image below are named George. One of them, California photographer George Krause, I featured this past January in a piece showcasing his work with the curly haired Jesse. (Bidirectional Views) The third adorable male pictured is Boomer, the Bedlington Terrier responsible for the two George's actually meeting which eventually lead to this shoot.

'I prefer shooting with natural light. I love the play of light and shadow on the body.'

Boomer is Photography by George's dog and companion and it was a modeling gig of Boomer's that got the ball rolling. This brings us to Alissa, a young woman photographer George (confused yet) met when she worked at a local camera store. George got to know Alissa and she introduced him to Lomography, a style of photography using plastic cameras based on the quirky cameras by the Austrian camera manufacturer known as Lomo.

As a favor to photographer George, Alissa came to his home one afternoon to shoot he and Boomer. George had just recently acquired Boomer and wanted to get some shots of Boomer as well as he and Boomer together. Alissa didn't arrive at George's home by herself, she arrived with a hunky blonde assistant. The assistant was also named George and was Alissa's boyfriend at the time.

Although Boomer was the focus during Alissa's shoot, photographer George thought her assistant might also make an intriguing subject to focus his camera on. The shoot didn't happen right away, it was actually a couple of years after Alissa had shot he and Boomer, and after model George and Alissa had called it quits. Although on time when he arrived for Boomer's shoot, for his own time behind the lens, George arrived about a half hour late and more than a little hungover...

Nevertheless, photographer George decided to proceed and was happy with some of the great shots they were able to achieve. Photographer George loved model George's ruggedly handsome look and even hungover, I love how photographer George captured model George's beautiful blue eyes using natural light and shadow in his portrait shots. There is almost a look of sadness and regret... maybe missing Alissa?

Given he was obviously busy partying the night before, it wasn't a surprise George arrived unshaven, with a scruffy look that the George behind the lens thought worked and looked great on camera. Photographer George, as well as several other people who saw the images, did notice that although model George didn't have time to shave his face, he obviously did find time to shave in preparation for the shoot, but only his perfectly trimmed pubes. I guess he chose the area of his body he thought may be getting the most attention.

Both George's ended up enjoying the shoot and planned to get together for a second shoot, but model George ended up getting a job out of state before they could follow through with their plans. It would have been interesting to see what they came up creatively on a second shoot and what model George, may have chosen to shave in preparation. For the record, Boomer arrived right on time for his shoot, was completely sober and shaved absolutely nothing.

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