Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Charlie DePew in Famous In Love

I had never heard of the show Famous In Love, nor the network it aired on. The Disney owned Freedom network has been around for awhile, but until it's re-brand in 2016 was more commonly known as the Family Channel, but along with it's new name, comes some programming directed at a wider audience. Thanks to DC's Men of The Moment site, I spotted some some caps of the ultra hot Charlie DePew, which had me looking for more of the actor and the show.

The smile melting DePew plays Jake Salt, a character described as a down-to-earth guy from the Midwest with an edge who aspires to be a screenwriter and an indie filmmaker. The show also featured Bella Thorne, Georgie Flores and Carter Jenkins. I have just begun watching the show which follows Paige (Thorne) and the changes in her life after getting the lead role in a big-budget blockbuster.

Flash that nipple Charlie!

Famous In Love

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