Thursday, June 28, 2018

As for you, Troy Donahue

I know what you wanna do
You got your crust
I'm no object of lust
I'm just plain Sandra Dee

My only reference to actor Troy Donahue until last week was Stockard Channing singing his name in my old VHS of Grease. From the song, I gathered he was a blonde teen idol, the object of lust of both young girls and young boys in the 50's and 60's, but that was the extend of my knowledge. Last week, I got to experience Donahue's lust factor for myself when I watched my PVR recording of 1950's A Summer Place.

 A Summer Place (1959)

A Summer Place was an overly dramatic soap, that at times bored me to tears, and at others, had me paying close attention. Donahue and Sandra Dee play Johnny and Molly, (got to love the 'y's) young loves, who were accused of being lovers before they actually did the deed.

Even though they weren't intimate, when accused of it, they run away, (I said overly dramatic) are separated apart, but eventually come together and marry by the films end. The main drama involves their parents and I especially enjoyed Constance Ford as Molly's mother, but Donahue and Dee are purdy and blonde and spend a lot of their time on the beach.

Troy with Van Williams, both looking fine in their short shorts

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