Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What A Dick....

I don't like to automatically label anyone, there are idiots on both sides of all isles, the political one especially. That being said, watching Antonio Sabato Jr. spew such hate and ugliness on Chris Cuomo last night had me regretting those times Antonio provided... well, inspiration. Conservatives in Hollywood often feel put upon, and with Sabato as their spokesperson, it's no wonder.

I remembered Sabato has appeared numerous times over the years on FH, and briefly considered deleting any mention or photo. Then... I thought re-posting some of his nude scenes, including his two gay roles would be a better response. The actor always had a bit gay following, especially after showing The Full Monty in Testosterone, and I wondered where he stood on LBGTQ issues, but it's not noted as a key issue on his website. Doesn't matter really, I'm not in CA and although I have voted for candidates who's policy's I haven't been 100% behind, I could never vote for someone who's soul and spirit is so hate filled.

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Anonymous said...

Why bother? He is nothing but a piece of disposable (stale) meat... You oggle it, you lick it, you chew it, you swallow it, you shit it