Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Forces of Nature: Stephan Tobias

One of the things I love most about working on FH is the places I get to visit virtually through art. This set of images transports the viewer to the Italian Island of Ischia. The volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy is a beacon to tourists looking to take in its majestic views, incredible beaches, hot springs and volcanic mud.

Our tour guide for today's visual vacation is Stephan Tobias, who's work as both a model and photographer I have featured in several pieces previously on FH. (HERE:) I love the magnificent views, both Stephan and his surroundings. There is an 'at the end of the world' quality and a beautiful feel of erotic isolation.

Although there is an isolating feel, Stephan wasn't alone, he was joined at the seaside an don the roads by his friend Marco Cortese, who photographed the series. An artist since childhood, Stephan edited Marco's shots to create the finished look and feel you see here. For my next feature focused on Stephan's work, the Berlin artist will be behind the camera in a piece I am working on for next month.

Stephan shares there were two goals with the shoot, the first to capture the incredible beauty of the location. The second was to capture the vulnerablity of the human form in contrast with the forces of nature, in these shots, represented by the sometimes menacing cliffs of Ischia.

'The male nude over the last years has been the main focus of my work, as it is such a powerful and charged tool of expression, and I keep adding to the experience as a model, photographer and digital editor. Living in Berlin gives me the opportunity to meet other photographers, models and creatives. Interacting with them I am happy to experiment with view of broadening my horizons.'

'Digital photo art for me is a fascinating medium to playfully examine the relationship between the subject and the object. In my photo series I try to make personal statement about the relationship between the individual and the world around, as I see it.'

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