Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Avant & Après

Michael by John Mar Photo

Change and transformation have always been a theme I have loved to explore. It's been fascinating to hear from so many models how posing naked had such a impact on how their self esteem and how they see themselves. Entertain Me's Michael sent me the image above months ago and I had been planning to use to promote his writing. Michael shares he loves to write naked and I thought it would a fun way to introduce one of Michael's Musings.

Before I posted the image and story, Michael sent on a few more images, after a very noticeable weight loss! Michael shares it was a year long battle, yo yo-ing up and down along the way. But, Michael stuck with it achieving success. I still wanted to include the glasses image, a great shot, especially his smile. Given Michael had titled the image The Naked Nerd, maybe the image below could be titled The Hung Hunk?

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