Friday, September 14, 2018

Radioactive Scrubdown

If you read my post earlier in the week, (Touchdwon of Foul) about the premiere of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, you remember I had a bit of trepidation about the first episode. Although maybe not a touchdown, it was a definite field goal for me. I enjoyed it far more than the initial episodes from the series last few seasons. Some complained it was a little campy, (the cast Joan Colinns...duh) and not that scary, but I was drawn into the story, and enjoyed humor, something I loved about the shows first few seasons. I was also impressed with the filming of the end of the world. I had complained about the amount of gratuitous violence, and Apocalypse felt actually a little restrained for a Murphy produced show.

Although billed as a blend of Murder House and Coven, except for the brief appearance by Michael Langdon, (played by Cody Fern) we'll have to wait and see how the two previous incarnations of the show are Incorporated. After his turn as Kai Anderson (not to mention Charles Manson ) last season, it was great to see actor Evan Peters take on the lighter role of Mr. Gallant. It didn't hurt, they once again gave the talented actor a nude scene...

Kyle Allen

Apocalypse also introduced viewers to two more horror hunks to enjoy, the first, actor Kyle Allen as Timothy Campbell, seems in for the full season. Timothy, and Kyle seem to be have chosen due to their extra ordinary DNA. The first episode did get Kyle in the shower, but only filming him from the waist up. Given the risk of contamination at Outpost 3, fingers crossed there's a scrub down in his future.

Chad James Buchanan

Apocalypse also introduced us to the beautiful Chad James Buchanan as Stu. Unfortunately, Stu didn't stick around long.... Before shooting him in the head, Ms. Miriam (Kathy Bates) did ensure he was nice and clean.

Radioactive Scrubdown

Actor Chad James Buchanan is the first guest star AHS has gotten naked, and not the first who lost their lives along with their pants. Buchanan joins Teddy Sears in Murder House (HERE:) and Charles Melton in Hotel (HERE:) who also met their bloody ends in only their birthday suits.

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