Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lee Montgomery in Prime Risk

Last week, during my salute to rats, well... a salute to the 70'a rat movies Willard and it's sequel Ben, I profiled child actor and eighties teen idol Lee Montgomery. (Ben's Friend) As most FH readers know, whenever I profile an actor, I try my best to include images and caps from any nude scenes they may have appeared it. Although I did my research, and checked out my usual list of actor sites, except for some hot shirtless scenes, I didn't come up with anything for Lee.

After the post, a blog reader who saw the post on Lee shot me an e-mail about a brief butt scene in the 1985 crime thriller Prime Risk. I of course had to check it out to ensure my profile of Lee was complete! So, after tracking down a copy of the film, I made some caps and a clip to share. It is quick, and just a brief butt glimpse, but given it's Lee, was well worth checking out.

I have only capped the scene, and not watched the entire film, but in the few minutes that I saw, it was so very 80's in feel and with music. I look forward to watching the whole movie. Thanks to the FH reader for the tip!

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