Friday, August 4, 2017

Jack Kesy in Claws

Actress Niecy Nash finally has a show I enjoy, I have enjoyed her performances, even in shows (Scream Queens) I didn't especially like.  It's especially enjoyable that in her new show, actor Jack Kesy is one of her co-stars. I know this post is late, Claws premiered last month, but I finally got around to watching the first two episodes this week.  Niecy is great, as is co-star Carrie Preston, and am looking forward to finishing the next two episodes on my DVR.

I had not seen Jack on TV until Claws, but from his very first scene, in the salon's back office, I was a big fan. Jack has one of the hottest ass's on Prime Time, and the first episode gave us 2 pretty good views. Even with his mouth grillz, and the fact his character is far from likable, he made a enjoyable, and memorable first impression. If you've ever been into a bad boys, Jack's Roller Husser, will take you right back!


Caps thanks to DC's Men of the Moment

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