Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days: Noel Fisher in A Dog Named Christmas

#6 Noel Fisher

Put the word dog, along with Christmas in a movie title, and I am most likely going to check it out. Many of them, including the 2009 television flick, A Dog Named Christmas, include an animal shelter with plenty of puppies needing homes for Christmas.

Bruce Greenwood plays George McCray, the father of Todd his developmentally challenged son. Todd love animals and wants nothing more than to bring a dog home for the holidays. George has been hardened with his past experiences with a furry friend and doesn't make his son's relationship with Christmas a smooth one.

Todd, whose age I would put between 17 and 21 was played by the then 25 year old Noel Fisher. I don't usually like when actors take on roles of the developmentally challenged. Most ring false and usually take me out of the story. Not initially realizing who Noel Fisher was, I bought him instantly as Todd. The movie was a little slow, but it's predictable ending (come on, developmentally challenged kid united with his golden lab) made it worth the time.

It wasn't until googling Noel after watching that I connected him to a project, and a character worlds apart. I have not watched Shameless consistently, but enough to connect Noel to his role of Mickey Milkovich, the boyfriend of Cameron Monaghan's character Ian. In A Dog Named Christmas, Noel not only played someone world's apart from Mickey, he also looked so different, a testament to his 15 years in the television and film business.

Noel and the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Noel with Cameron Monaghan in Shameless

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