Monday, February 18, 2019

Tossing & Turning: Brad by Unlimited Male

'Unlimited Photography for the Unlimited Male'

Last month, while featuring Jay's (Unlimited Male) work with Nathan, (HERE:) I shared that Jay had sent on several recent shoots after recently having his Model Mayhem page deleted. Since then, Jay has started an Instagram, (HERE:) but is still in the process of deciding on a platform to display his nude work. It is frustrating to me how so many sites (tumblr anyone...) shy's away from nudity and instead, has taken the easy way out by lumping all nudity into the porn category.

It is not as difficult as some make it, to different between art and porn. Although I sadly understand some see nudity of any kind, especially featuring male genitalia, a porn, most individuals with a knowledge of history and art, can easily see the difference. Artistic intent is of course in the eye of the beholder, but it's actually in the eye of the model where's it's usually the most clear, at least to me.

With Instagram, the line between art and porn seems to come down to whether it's a photograph, or a photograph of a painting or drawing. If Instagram had been around when Michelangelo was alive, he could post a photo of his artwork, but not of the model who inspired it. There are incredibly tame images of male butts being deleted every minute, yet a sketch of a nude male model, even with an erection, seems perfectly within the rules.

One day... one day I hope we'll spend less time on worrying about people enjoying a breast and a penis, and more on the never ending amount of violence and cruelty the Internet allows posted and shared.  Ok... rant over, now on to Brad by Unlimited Male! When Jay sent on his shoots, I was really looking forward to his shots of Brad.

I featured Jay's first shoot with Brad a couple of years ago (Body Count) and was excited when Jay shared he had shot Brad again. Although incredibly good looking, it's his presence in front of the camera free, easy going vibe, that I find so engaging and hot. The first time Jay shot Brad, he used a bed as one of the locations, and given Brad's sensual bedroom eyes, it  made sense to head back to bed for part of their second shoot.

'Brad is really easy to work with and doesn't really need a whole lot of direction, which I like because I think it makes the model look more natural in the photos. Since this was our second shoot, it made things a little easier because we were familiar with each other and I just basically sat back and took the pictures.'

'The only real direction that I gave him was having him move from one location to another. Most of what you see is just naturally all him, which makes my job as photographer a lot easier. He is also totally uninhibited, which makes for a much better shoot as well.'

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