Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Nothing But the Best: Alex by Anthony Timiraos

'I love being nude, I love that sense of freedom, and also I love to expose the body in an artistic way.'

It always strikes me when I feature photographer Anthony Timiraos how beautifully representative his is.  So often, you look at photographer's portfolio or site, and it's clear they have a 'type'.  The images or pages are filled with men who all look about the same age, with similar body types, and sometimes even hairstyles.  Regardless of how 'beautiful' the type may be be, sameness always breeds more sameness, and ultimately becomes boring.

Anthony's portfolio is a smörgåsbord of fascinated and sensuous men.  Men of various ages, various races, body types and levels of comfort and experience with posing naked.  Some, are stepping in front of the camera, revealing their bodies for the very first time.  Others, have had many fascinating opportunities, adventures and jobs with nudity an integral part of the experience.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I love to explore both a model's experience with, and their feelings about, being naked for numerous sets of eyes.  For Miami based model Alex, being naked in front of others wasn't something he remembers ever really being an issue.  Alex worked in both adult films and as stripper for several years.  Although Alex remembers being nervous a few times when he first started, Alex shares the nerves were more about the industry, than worries about removing his clothes

For Alex, being naked in front of others has become his normal.  Even when he's not naked for work or a shoot, he loves hanging out at Halover Beach, one of Miami's most popular nude beaches.  Although he has an incredibly body, not to mention an especially enviable asset,  Alex describes himself as a perfectionist and very picky about himself and his body.  Alex shares that his goal is to look nothing less than perfect in front of the camera and that fitness and bodybuilding have always been his passion.

'One detail that I never liked about the adult movies industry, is that there is no art in it. In my private life for example, passion, romanticism, chemistry, are very important. In the adult industry that doesn't exist, Is just a mechanical thing of getting naked and breeding like animals.'

This desire to be more than just flesh and meat, but instead to use his body for more artistic expressions, is one of the reason Alex is enjoying modeling. This desire is also one of the things that led him to his connection with Anthony.  Alex saw Anthony's work on Model Mayhem, and saw that he was looking for amateur models for a shoot.

'Anthony is an AMAZING human being. A wonderful person, and absolutely amazing to work with. I think we connect so well because he loves to direct poses to perfection. He pays close attention to every detail from the position of the fingers, to your chin, neck, everything. I am exactly the same way.

Anthony constantly asked me if I was comfortable and if I'm doing okay.  To me, the most important thing is that the end product has to look beautiful. Those few moments in which you are cramping from a certain position, is part of the work that has to be put in for the viewer on the other side of the lens.'

'Alex's beautiful soft and smooth skin glowed perfectly with the angular position of the studio lights. His classic poses were structured to showcase his biceps and perfectly proportioned torso. Those striking big brown eyes light up his face with the aid of the studio lights. . Alex he is a great model full of energy and excitement who is always anxious to deliver nothing but the best. His commitment to his physique is obvious by his looks. He has a strong motivation to work hard for results. Looking forward to working with him again soon.'

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