Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Little Something Extra: Dylan by MW Photo MD

'I noticed a plastic skull in the studio on a book shelf...'

Mark from MW Photo MD believes in being prepared, especially when it comes to his shoots.  Mark knows even the smallest item, dash of color or prop can bring so much to image.  When Dylan contacted Mark about working together, neither intended to make Halloween one of the themes.  But, given Halloween is one Mark favorite holidays, I think spotting that skull was more than just pure happenstance.

Not only did Mark utilize the skull, he also had a role of 'caution tape' among the many props he brought along in his backpack.  This isn't the first time a holiday themed prop has led to emergence of a theme, and not the first time I've bugged Mark to showcase them on FH.  Many of you might remember the Autumn leaves that cascaded over Andrew's naked body, or the Autumn wreath and pumpkin nestled beside a Jonah on the bed. (After the Fall)

'I'm always looking for something unique that might add to the shoot and I think the idea worked fine for the intended purpose of something a little different and to celebrate my favorite time of the year. I was born on the 25th but my first day home from the hospital was Halloween Night so that day has always met a little something extra for me.'

Before I knew about the holiday themed shots, I'd noticed the shots of Dylan that Mark had posted.  I was hoping to get a chance to feature their work together.  Dylan has a strong, sexy and confident look which comes through not just with his great face and beautifully expressive eyes, but also in his stance.  I use stance instead of pose as poses are something created in studio, for the photographer and camera.   I've seen so many models who struggle to appear natural, especially with stance and arm placement. Dylan' body stance seems so naturally confident, not just created for the shoot, but simply a part of who he is.

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