Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Little Nudge: Lukas & Robert by Bodytorium


'Sometimes straight guys enjoy getting a little bit of a nudge from a gay guy to let themselves experience male friendship more freely.'
Phil, Bodytorium


There are so many things I appreciate and love about Phil's (Bodytorium) work. Near the top of that list, is Phil's process stories.  One of the first things I like to ask models who shoot nudes is about process.  I'm fascinated by the process, both the actual, as well as  the emotional and mental processes that brought them to make the decision.

For some models, it's a fairly easy decision.  They're comfortable with their body, have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and have had positive experiences with public nudity in their pasts.  For others, the decision is more complex, insecurities, worries about reception, and concerns about career, and especially family or friends can have an impact.

This is especially true for younger guys who've never modeled before.  If you've checked my previous post from Bodytorium, you're aware that Phil often shoots guys who've never been photographed before, let alone without any clothing.  In addition to friends, and friends of friends, Phil often approaches guys he see's both online, or when out at a festival or other public event.

For these guys, being asked to model naked by a complete stranger, usually requires a little thought... This is especially true if your're an 18 year old completing your senior year in high school.  Legally an adult, yet still having to deal with parental issues, peer pressure, and all of the social aspects of navigating your way through a consequential and transitional period in your life.

That's exactly where Lukas and Robert found themselves when they met Phil.  Both eager and interested, both had to weigh the pros and cons, not to mention the nerves, connected with taking it all off for a nude shoot.  The online world can be  difficult to navigate through for adults.  It can be tough ad cruel, even without adding on the already judgement filled world of high school life.

'I met Lukas K through Instagram. He just followed me on IG and liked all my pictures. Then I followed him back, liked all his pictures, and that's how it stayed for a while. A few weeks later I messaged him and asked him if he'd be interested in modeling. He said he'd think about it.

Later, Lukas messaged and asked if he could bring a friend. That friend was Robert. I wrote back and forth with Robert a few times and Robert decided he didn't want to pose completely nude.Once Lukas learned Robert didn't want to pose nude, he didn't want to do it either'.

'About a month later, I asked another model, Andrew if he knew anyone who'd be good for my site. He mentioned Lukas K. I told Andrew that I already tried and explained how Lukas almost agreed to it but changed his mind after Robert decided not to go. Andrew said: "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." And he did. A day later Lukas wrote back and said he was in, along with Robert.'

'I never asked Andrew what he did and how he got them to change their minds so suddenly. My guess is that Andrew has that alpha male / flock leader influence. Andrew is definitely much more decisive and confident. He probably told them I don't bite and that they have nothing to worry about.

I met up with Lukas first since I was running out of time to post something new. He lives in Martin - the same town where Andrew, Lukas N  and Robert also live. I spent a year in Martin with my godparents when I was a teen and it was one of the best years in my life. It definitely led to my decision to eventually move back to Slovakia.'

'I completed the first outdoor set with Lukas in Martin. A week later, Lukas and Robert took the train to meet with me in Bratislava. While they were on their way, Lukas kept sending me picture updates from the train and I kept thinking OMG these guys are adorable! We found a beautiful spot in the Carpathian hills not too far from the city.

Robert is a very curious guy and seemed to want to know everything about me. He kept asking questions all day. We really enjoyed the day. We all had fun, the guys were super friendly and comfortable and they took turns recording a video while I photographed. All day, I was blown away by the hotness I was seeing. Should I pinch myself? Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?'

'I think that Lukas and Robert had a very special, memorable and bonding experience together. Sometimes straight guys enjoy getting a little bit of a nudge from a gay guy to let themselves experience male friendship more freely.'

Check out much more, with hundreds of of additional shots of Lukas & Robert on Bodytorium

After a long day shooting in the cold outside, a hot bath is a must!

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Matthew Dunston said...

This Robert and Lukas combo is the best post on this blog yet, and that's saying alot! Both look so comfortable with each other nude! You can tell they are good friends and are trying something new together. Wonderful series!!!