Friday, August 4, 2017

The Mud Motif: Derron by takeapic4u

'Beautiful day to get down and dirty with nature!'

I have been looking forward to getting down and dirty once again, since first featuring Dave Larson's (takeapic4u) (Dirty Nature) theme last Autumn. There are many aspects of the Dirty Nature theme that I love. At the top of that list, would be the connection between the model and their environment. Dave's series requires his models to not just pose at a location, but interact within it.

The mud is not just a prop, it becomes part of the experience with the models applying the wet, often very cold mud all over over their naked bodies. I also really love to how visually, the mud not only covers, but also highlights skin color, curves and the beauty of the male form. Dave also usually ends his Dirty Nature series with shots of the model removing the mud, requiring them to slide into the water, rinsing off the body mask of wet dirt that had been covering them. I also love the different looks that mud creates on the skin. Dave captures the mud on the model when it's both freshly applied, still cold and wet on the skin, as well as when it's dried from the warmth of the sun and model's body heat.

Dave's images of Derron are a great example of how mud can actually accentuate a body's beauty. Not that Derron needs any help, he has a amazing body, one he has kept up with his years as a gymnast. Derron's gymnastic background no doubt is an asset with posing, and I love how dramatic some of his poses are, both classical, and incredibly hot. Derron also has really beautiful eyes, and I love how they shine through the mud, making his gaze even more striking.

'Derron was amazing to work with and an awesome addition to my Dirty Nature series and I couldn't be happier to share some of our photos from the shoot!'

Although some models might balk at covering themselves in mud, but as a biology student, and future doctor, Derron was be fully aware of any living organisms that might be lurking and swimming around within the mud and the water. Although he says the mud was uncomfortable at first, he quickly got used to and ended up loved the experience. Although Derron has been modeling for awhile, his dip in the mud was his first time shooting nude.

'The day of shooting was fun. If just felt like the connection between the model and the camera was strong. Dirty Nature was one of the coolest concepts I have been a part of.'

No matter how long I have been working on FH, I still learn something new with each and every piece I write, and with every model and artist I feature. Derron is a self proclaimed 'twunk', a word given the theme of my site... I really should be ashamed I didn't know the meaning of. A twunk, the merging together of twink and hunk is (after googling) a guy with the face of a twink, and the physique of a hunk. I guess the term fits, but to me, Derron is simply incredibly hot.

So hot in fact... FH actually is benefiting from the fact that some of Dave's shots of Derron were deemed too hot for other sites, including Model Mayhem, that booted several off of Dave's portfolio. The reason Dave shares, was an accusation of erection. I love that phrase, and considered using at as a title, but given that wasn't the case on this shoot, thought it would be a bit misleading. But... I shall tuck away for future use.

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